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Divorce is just one chapter, don’t let it become your whole story...


Is coaching for women impacted by divorce or separation. Women who are ready to prioritise themselves and let go of the past, to evolve from pain and fear to freedom and joy and to create their new future.

Can you relate?

Trying to decide whether to end

your marriage

Struggling to communicate with your ex partner  

In the thick of separation and unable to see the wood from the trees

Consumed by conflicting advice from family and friends

Divorced but still stuck 

Feeling overwhelmed, confused or alone

 Successful and together on the outside but a mess and unable to make a decision on the inside 

Wondering how you coparent with someone you no longer recognise

Unsure of who you are anymore

Panicking about your children and how they will cope 

Why Coaching?

Coaching is an empowering intervention that raises self awareness.  Working with a coach will ensure you are more able to let go of the past and focus on the next chapter.  You can bring any topic you like to coaching sessions.  Some of the  most common and beneficial areas often include decision making, communication, conflict resolution, building resilience, co-parenting and creating your new future.  Learning more about who you are and what you need allows you to be clear with your ex partner, lawyer or mediator and to bring your priorities to the negotiations.  Coaching is the impartial and non judgemental emotional support, that you need to get your separation behind you, in order to focus your precious energy on what really matters, you and your new future.


Hi. I’m Fiona,
a break up and divorce coach and the founder of  

I became a coach after almost 20 years working in the UK television industry. From personal experience I know how tough divorce can be. My purpose is to ensure you feel less alone and more understood.  I want to make divorce a less traumatic and more empowering experience for individuals and their families. My vision is to support women going through divorce to be better engaged in decision making, in control of their emotions and aligned with their values.  To hone their communication skills in order to advocate for themselves and their children for a less stressful and more satisfactory outcome.

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