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If you've found yourself here chances are you're facing a challenge and don't feel you have the resources to cope alone.  You believe there must be a  way forward but just can't see a clear path.  It's your belief though that's the crucial element, the starting block and the fuel for momentum, you bring that and the rest we can figure out together. 

All too often we find ourselves in a situation with no idea how we got there.  So many of us enter into relationships with little understanding of who we are, what we need, our values and what we want for our future. We get caught up in the heady romance, thrill, excitement and joy of “love”.  Little do we know that we might be settling for something or someone that doesn't align with our authentic self.  The self awareness you gain from coaching will help you face what’s going on right now but more than that, it will introduce you to you and what you need going forward to ensure mistakes aren’t repeated. Through coaching you will learn more about yourself, feel stronger than ever and uncover your own superpowers.  It’s a powerful journey of self discovery.

Neom Divorce Coaching - Self discovery logo

Neom was created to support women, especially mothers navigate the difficulty of divorce and separation and to remove the fear and isolation caused by divorce and the inevitable turmoil that follows. The end of a significant relationship is a loss that will take your breath away no matter what the circumstances.  Adapting, understanding, changing and growing all take a lot of energy and coupled with other demands on life it can be almost impossible to find the time to heal.  Add in conflict, abuse, children and any other manner of difficulties and you could find yourself facing an upward climb so steep it threatens to engulf you.  With Neom you won't be going through this alone. 


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