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This is my story

I’ve been where you are. I’ve felt the fear, the confusion, the desperate sadness, the loss and the isolation.

My divorce was drawn out, expensive and emotionally draining on a level that I couldn't have imagined.


The process made me question my sanity and left me feeling like I was going slowly mad, all the strong foundations I believed I’d built for myself were crumbling.  When that priceless piece of paper came through stating the marriage was dissolved, I thought my heart might stop beating.  It was finally over, it had taken 18 months but I could breathe again.

Only that wasn’t the end and I found what followed even harder, dealing with family court.  I felt totally depleted of energy, the despair was all consuming and I could feel it taking over every aspect of my life.  

The juggling of work, kids and divorce was exhausting.  Putting on a brave face, pretending I was ok, locked in a cycle of constantly talking about what was going on and trying to still be everything to everyone. It was a really tough ride.  It felt like I went to hell and back and it almost broke me.  


Only it didn’t.

When I emerged from the fog.....

I knew I wanted to reframe my experiences and was determined that my divorce would not define me. Driven by a desire to turn pain into purpose I started out on my personal development journey.  


I'm now a qualified life coach, a certified master practitioner divorce and separation coach, an accredited somatic trauma informed coach & narcissistic abuse specialist.

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If you've got a fire in you belly to fight for yourself, your family and your future then we are the perfect match, be brave and get in touch, I promise you won't regret it.

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