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The divorce decision has been made, either by you or for you and you're teetering on the edge thinking,
"What the f*ck do I do now?"


(Saving Souls and Sanities)

Helping professional mums facing divorce to get their sh*t together, take back control & handle their divorce confidently

It's for you if you're

  • Feeling completely overwhelmed by the legal process, thinking ‘Where do I even start?’, ‘Do I need a lawyer?’, ‘How much is that going to cost?’.

  • Lying awake at night worrying about your finances spiralling out of control with thoughts like ‘I know nothing about our money’, ‘What can I afford?’, ‘How will we pay two mortgages?’.

  • Freaking out about your kids, desperate to protect them, panicked at the thought of losing your family home and where you’ll live. You’re racked with guilt, worrying how all this will impact them.

  • Anxious about burdening friends and family, feeling like a drain and your mind is crammed with conflicting information, you just want an independent and empathetic ear to listen.

  • Struggling to reconcile what’s happening and recognise the person you were married to, you realise you need to find a new way to communicate for the sake of your kids and your sanity.

  • Unclear and uncomfortable thinking about the future, it feels wrong to focus on yourself and wondering who you are beyond a ‘wife’ or ‘mother’ but there’s part of you that would love to uncover the amazing person you used to be.


Together we'll

  • Go back to basics on the legals. With my Divorce A-Z you’ll get clear on each stage and bust the jargon so you actually understand what the hell is going on.

  • Dig deep on the financials and replace fear with knowledge. We’ll face up to those scary AF thoughts so they don’t dominate and make you bury your head in the sand.

  • Dial back the panic and work through what your kids need to create a plan that prioritises their wellbeing, leaving you free to positively parent.

  • Master mindset gremlins. Divorce is no picnic but shutting down negative chatter both internal and external as well as regulating your emotions will make a massive difference.

  • Understand what help you need and find the courage to ask for it so you get the right support no matter how uncomfortable it makes you feel - sometimes it takes a village, let’s find your tribe.

  • Cut the communication crap! I’ll teach you my methods to avoid being a passenger on the crazy train, ensuring you can disengage from conflict and clearly advocate for yourself.

  • Become comfortable prioritising YOU and create a Badass List to remind you how bloody great you are, taking small steps away from the past towards a future of freedom.


What that looks like

  • Free 30 min discovery call so you can feel reassured that I’m the right coach for you.

  • 6 x 1hr coaching sessions, held fortnightly online, to deep dive into a topic and relate it to your specific circumstances to get confidence and clarity.

  • Empowering and personalised action plan after each session to keep you on track, making progress and accountable.

  • Divorce bible full of useful resources for you to use as you move onwards through your divorce beyond our sessions.  

  • Access to me on WhatsApp between sessions so you never feel alone. You might suddenly be gripped with a crisis that has brought back all the fear or just need a reminder about how far you’ve come.

What it costs

The price for this programme would usually be £900 but until 30th June I'm offering all this for £300.  What's the catch? There isn't one.  
As I'm just starting my business I'm running this introductory offer in 'Beta' which means  you'll be helping me shape the final programme and providing feedback in exchange for a fabulous 66% discount.

How to get started

To take me up on this fantastic ‘Beta’ offer please contact me by email or WhatsApp, so we can book in a discovery call, where you can tell me more about what brought you here and what you want to achieve.


A little bit about me

Hi, I’m Fiona, a divorce coach and the founder of Neom Divorce Coaching.   Neom is everything I wish I’d had when navigating my very difficult and acrimonious divorce 7 years ago.  Practical & emotional, empathetic support to help you get your sh*t together, so you can go into the divorce feeling strong, informed, empowered, confident and most importantly, focussed on your future, not your past.

If you were running a marathon for the first time you’d invest in preparation and training to get you in shape for the main event.  Think of me as your divorce PT.  Let’s get ahead and prepared now, saving you time, energy and most importantly money in the long run.

I am now a happily married mum of 2 and bonus mum of 1, we are outnumbered by our pets and live a joyful and chaotic life.  A big lover of food, wine, swearing, sunsets and travel and a believer that as we only get one life, it had better be bloody great.

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What my clients say

Fiona has been and continues to be an incredible help to enable me to navigate one of the most difficult things I've encountered.

Fiona has a gentle but ​challenging style ​which left me feeling ​committed and ​inspired to move ​forward, her listening ​skills make me feel not ​only heard, but ​understood too.

Fiona is a practical sparring partner and support in a way that no other profession offers and I am truly grateful that I have been introduced to her.

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