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The only important opinions, those of my clients. 
Here's what they say about working with me


Fiona has been and continues to be an incredible help to enable me to navigate one of the most difficult things I've encountered. Navigating the emotional, psychological, legal and financial gauntlet of divorce is a real challenge and something no one prepares you for. Whenever I feel lost, my plan is falling apart or I'm not sure which route to take next, I know it is time to get in touch with Fiona. She is a practical sparring partner and support in a way that no other profession offers and I am truly grateful that I have been introduced to her.


I found Fiona to be understanding, empathetic and non-judgemental whilst also able to ask challenging and insightful questions.  Working with her was helpful, empowering and supportive.

Talking to Fiona in our sessions was like a constant “penny dropping” process.  The way she asked questions and reframed unhelpful thoughts and misconceptions was so skillful that it elicited the response or reaction I so desperately wanted.



Our rapport felt evident from the start which enabled me to fully engage.  Fiona has a gentle but challenging style which left me feeling committed and inspired to move forward, her listening skills make me feel not only heard, but understood too. 


It felt like Fiona really understood me as a person, taking the time to identify my values and beliefs, which meant she asked very thought provoking questions. I felt extremely comfortable with her which helped me relax during our sessions, allowing me to open up and think with space. I thought initially I would feel judged and uncomfortable with challenge, yet Fiona made me feel so comfortable and safe I found the experience enlightening and empowering. I felt like I was in the driving seat of my life and its direction for the first time, with actual results! Overall, I have had such an amazing experience with Fiona, her natural gift to make people feel calm, safe and understood is inspiring and her ability to hear what you are really saying.

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