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What is this divorce coaching malarkey? 

Imagine getting an email and finding out you've got a place to run the London Marathon. Despite applying to do it, life has carried on and you'd  forgotten about it. But suddenly, this email has made it seem very real.

You’re now 2 stone heavier than you want to be and currently don’t exercise so you’re beset by a hyperventilating panic. It feels too big, too long, too scary.



You’ve got 2 options

1) Take the easy option and decline take place, you may live to regret it but it feels like the simpler and less scary option today.

2) Get out of your comfort zone, accept and start the prep work. Obsessively research online looking for the magic solution, speak to people who’ve run it hoping for the exact path to take, but get conflicting advice as you’re asking so many people, create a training plan that you start over and over again as you struggle to stick with it, drastically alter your diet and lifestyle and get yourself into the best shape, this is exhausting and you've not started running yet. 

Or you might get a coach...

... a marathon coach who will give you everything you need, they’ve done it themselves and helped countless others. They will keep you accountable and be your biggest cheerleader. They won’t run the marathon with you but they will be the absolute quickest and simplest route to getting you in the best shape for it, you’d be mad not to right?

Neom is the divorce version of that

Neom is your first port of call when the divorce decision had been made. Taking your time to plan and prepare, get clarity, knowledge and understanding, grow your confidence and self-belief will pay huge dividends down the line, saving you time, energy and money. 3 months working with me is the equivalent cost of 3hrs of a quality family lawyer. See this as an investment in yourself, your family and your future and I promise you, it will be the best investment you ever make.

As well as the practical and emotional support, coaching has huge transformative powers. It’s a powerful journey of self-discovery and actualisation to create the damn future that you deserve and have always dreamt of. Don’t let where you are now diminish or define any sort of limits for your future. Don’t let who you believe you are now stop you from creating a future that is so bloody great it almost doesn’t make sense. Believe in the impossible and embrace your beautiful, bold, bad ass self because you are about to become the f*cking CEO of what comes next.

Ready to boss your divorce and your future?

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