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Do I need a coach?

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The one thing all my clients have in common is that they are facing a new future. No matter where you are on your journey now is the time to seek support. 

The end of a marriage or significant relationship means the future you envisioned for yourself is no longer.  No matter the reason behind the breakup or whose decision it was, grieving the loss of a life you believed you had is complicated and emotionally draining. Grieving the loss of a partner can generate all sorts of very strong, negative emotions, including heartbreak, betrayal, fear, anger, guilt, loneliness and confusion.

If you can relate to any of the following statements then there is work we can do together to ensure a positive and transformative effect, one that you can take with you to adapt and repurpose in other areas of your life.

You have been blindsided and are in a state of fear and high anxiety

Stuck with no idea how to move anything forward

Torn between whether to stay in your marriage or end it

You no longer recognise your ex partner and this is paralysing you

Everything is a fight and you are emotionally wrung out with no energy to keep the day to day on track

Unable to make decisions for yourself

Divorced but can't let go of the past

Confused by conflicting information coming from well meaning family and friends

Struggling to parent with your ex partner effectively

Dominated by negative and controlling emotions

Unable to communicate with your ex partner

Overwhelmed by the legal language and practicalities of divorce

Divorced but locked in a cycle of post separation abuse

Locked into one option and refusing to consider other possible solutions

Desperate to rebuild your life but no idea where to start

This list isn't exhaustive, if you want to discuss your particular situation and find out if coaching can help you, then please do get in touch.

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