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Divorce is just one chapter, don’t let it become your whole story...

Neom is practical, emotional & empathetic support for professional women facing divorce. Normally you’re firing on all cylinders, bossing work and spinning all the family plates like a pro. But this divorce reality has knocked you sideways and you’re sh*t scared about what to do next.


Can you relate?

  • You’re panicking about your kids

  • Concerned about the impact this will have on them

  • Telling yourself perhaps you should stay in a miserable situation to “protect” them

  • Wondering if you’ll f*ck them up forever and if they’ll ever forgive you

  • Keeping up appearances at work and the school gate for fear of judgement and unnecessary doses of sympathy

  • Freaking out about finances

  • Thinking maybe its time to get across all your family accounts even though it wasn’t your thing before

  • You don’t know where to start on splitting finances so you’re in limbo land where doing nothing feels easier than doing something

  • Researching divorce lawyers and thinking getting one is the first step (it isn’t!)

  • Feeling wildly overwhelmed about what to do next or how to move things forwards…

And that’s where I come in……

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Divorce SOS

Divorce SOS is my pre divorce training programme.  It's the only programme out there to get you ready to boss your divorce.  We’re going to deal with all the scary AF thoughts that are keeping you awake at night, making you doubt yourself and ultimately paralysing you in a state of fear.  Finances, family home, legal process, children, the emotional rollercoaster and your future.

Divorce SOS is the thing you do first saving you time, energy and more importantly money down the line. Work with me for 3 months and transform yourself into a divorce ninja all for the cost of 3hrs of a decent family lawyers time.  It's a no brainer right?  


Why Coaching?

The only thing sadder than divorce?  Staying in a sh*t and unhappy situation that doesn’t serve you.  And if it doesn’t serve you it won’t serve your kids.  I get it, on paper you feel like you’re letting them down or ruining their lives.  The truth?  Kids don’t need married parents in order to thrive, they need happy parents.  


This is coaching, a sparring partner to bust through all the bollocks you’re telling yourself, to challenge the narrative and help you see things differently.  You’ll become a confident, decisive, communicative warrior that knows who she is, what she wants and what she’s going to do to get there.

Hi. I’m Fiona, a break up and divorce coach and the founder of

I went though a divorce 6 yrs ago and know first hand how all consuming, scary and lonely it can be. I had 2 young children, a fulltime job and all the feelings of shame, confusion and fear.  I went from feeling like I had it all to falling apart in the blink of an eye.  Neom and Divorce SOS are everything I wished I’d had back then. 

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What my clients say

Fiona has been and continues to be an incredible help to enable me to navigate one of the most difficult things I've encountered.

Fiona has a gentle but ​challenging style ​which left me feeling ​committed and ​inspired to move ​forward, her listening ​skills make me feel not ​only heard, but ​understood too.

Fiona is a practical sparring partner and support in a way that no other profession offers and I am truly grateful that I have been introduced to her.

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